IMAGINED FABRICS Exhibition Coming to The Craft Museum of Finland in September 2023

Artist professor Merja Keskinen’s exhibition IMAGINED FABRICS will open in September 2023 at The Craft Museum of Finland in Jyväskylä. In the exhibited works, the artist explores colors and the images they create. The works are built from parts and combinations of repeated elements from which new color variations, three-dimensional impressions and spatiality emerge. The color studies in the works are based on systematics and a pre-selected system. Threads of different colors mix optically and the results are surprising color shades that are difficult to imagine in advance.

The name of the exhibition refers to the working process. The preparation of the art works requires a long working period and the completion of all parts before the imagined vision takes its final form. The shape of the most sensitive works appears only in the space once they are installed. The process is well described by the artist’s statement “I work to see”.

Merja Keskinen



The Craft Museum of Finland

Kauppakatu 25, 40100 Jyväskylä