Artist Statement

The starting point for my work is the interpretation of colors. The contemporary textile art, that my work represents, is based on consideration of color theories and an examination of the factors that influence the experience of color. In my art I deal with the changes in tones of color, darkness and pureness. I explore the interactions of colors and the mental images they invoke. Spatiality claims an important role in my work.

The colors are produced by different combinations of threads, following a pre-determined system. The design approach is an implementation of a self-developed weaving technique, which combines various sized pieces and formations of diversely colored elements. The artworks are sprung to life from the combinations, where the systematically produced similar yet unique pieces unite into the artworks’ final form.

The surface of my works often creates a three-dimensional impression or the artworks are positioned multi-layered in space. The delicate artworks, created from see-through and web-like structures, find their form and place freely suspended in a space. Their colors and meaning are unfolding to the viewer in varying manifestations depending on the angles of light.


Artist Professor, Textile Artist Merja Keskinen was born 1959 in Turku, Finland, and now lives and works in Helsinki. She graduated with a Master of Arts degree from the University of Art and Design Helsinki (now Aalto University) in 1988. She has worked for several years in the textile industry in design and expert roles on textile collections for public spaces. She has recently focused on artistic work. She has held many solo exhibitions and participated with her textile artworks in joint exhibitions at home and abroad. She made a commissioned textile artworks for the Finnish Embassy in Paris 2012 and in the Finnish Centre for Pensions in Helsinki 2020. The Finnish Association of Textile Artists TEXO awarded her the Textile Artist of the Year 2019. She was awarded the State’s five-year Artist Professorship grant in 2022.



phone: +358 50 355 0967

C u r r i c u l u m   v i t a e 

M E R J A     K E S K I N E N 

Artist Professor, Textile Artist TEXO
Born 1959, Turku Finland


  • Master of Arts, University of Art and Design Helsinki (Aalto University) 1988 
  • Turku University 1980-82


  • The Craft Museum of Finland, Jyväskylä 2023
  • Crypt, Helsinki Cathedral 2022
  • Gallery Pictor, Nummela 2021
  • Kallas SkärGård, Vårdö, Åland 2021
  • Gallery Pirkko-Liisa Topelius, Helsinki 2021
  • Forssa Museum 2020
  • Alma House, Helsinki 2019
  • Gallery Pirkko-Liisa Topelius, Helsinki 2018
  • Vellikello, Järvenpää 2017
  • Gallerygallery, Kyoto, Japan 2016
  • DesignDesk, Helsinki 2014-15
  • Mügsf Ana Galeri, Istanbul, Turkey 2014
  • EFG Toimistokalusteet Showroom, Helsinki 2013-14
  • Gallery Johan S., Helsinki 2013
  • Gallery Johan S., Helsinki 2011
  • Colmio gallery, Oulu 2008
  • Punavuori Design Studio Gallery, Helsinki 2007 
  • The University of Art and Design, Helsinki 1988
  • Finlayson Exhibition Villa, Forssa 1986
  • Gallery Atski, Helsinki 1985


  • With the Naked Eye, Voipaala Art Centre, Valkeakoski 2022
  • Pistot, CraftCorner, Helsinki 2018
  • Art goes Kapakka TSIIGAA, Helsinki 2017
  • Ledtråd – Narrative Thread, Rydals Museum, Sweden 2017
  • Yhes – Together, Lokal, Helsinki 2016
  • Johtolanka, 10th Finnish Textile Triennial, Vapriikki Museum Centre, Tampere 2016-17
  • 15th International Triennial of Tapestry, Lodz, Poland 2016
  • Miniature Textiles, Verkaranta, Tampere and the Craft Museum of Finland, Jyväskylä 2015-16
  • Ornamentti, Exhibition of Miniature Textiles, Gallery Lasipalatsi, Helsinki and the Craft Museum of Finland, Jyväskylä 2012
  • Ornamo office, Helsinki 2012-17
  • Preesens art-craft-design, Ornamo 100 years, The Craft Museum of Finland, Jyväskylä, The Northern Ostrobothnia Museum, Oulu and The North Karelian Museum, Joensuu 2011-12
  • ArtHelsinki, O-gallery, Helsinki 2011
  • Harkko Museum, Raisio 2010
  • Tekstiilitaide nyt! 8. Finnish Textile Triennial, Design Museum, Helsinki 2009
  • Housing fair, Hämeenlinna 2007 
  • Metrin juhlaa, The Craft Museum of Finland, Jyväskylä and Textile Museum Tyyki, Forssa 2005-06 
  • Findesignnow02, Fiskars 2002
  • Lönnström Art Museum, Rauma 1996-97
  • 4th Finnish Textile Triennial, Texo 40 years Vanha kirkkopuisto, Helsinki 1996
  • 2nd Finnish Textile Triennial, Näyttelytila Otso, Espoo 1989
  • Metaxis, Design Museum, Helsinki 1987


  • Arts Promotion Centre Finland / Taiteen edistämiskeskus, a 5-year state grant 2022-26
  • The Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland / Svenska kulturfonden 2021, 2019, 2017, 2014
  • Greta and William Lehtinen Foundation 2021, 2013
  • Alfred Kordelin Foundation /Alfred Kordelinin säätiö 2020
  • Arts Promotion Centre Finland / Taiteen edistämiskeskus, a 3-year state grant 2016-18; 2019, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2010 
  • Finnish Cultural Foundation / Suomen Kulttuurirahasto 2016, 2014, 1991 
  • The Ornamo Foundation / Ornamo säätiö 2015


  • Artist professor 2022-26 
  • Textile Artist of the Year 2019 / The Finnish Association of Textile Artists TEXO


  • Finnish Centre for Pensions, textile artwork 2020
  • Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland, Finland’s Embassy in Paris, textile artwork 2012
  • City of Helsinki / Taivallahden leikkipuisto, installation, work group Keskinen, Niinimäki, Seppä 1987


  • State Art Collection, Finland 
  • Finnish Art Society (Art Lottery)
  • Private collections


  • Ornamo ry, Ornamo Art and Design Finland  
  • The Finnish Association of Textile Artists TEXO
  • Nordic Textile Art NTA
  • Helsinki Artists Association HAA
  • Kuvasto ry