kuva Atte Leskinen 2019

Artist statement:

My artistic work is inspired by colors.

In my art, I have studied changes in color and delicate nuances. Color and differences between various shades, interaction of colors and the feel of the material in a woven fabric are my passion.

In my artworks I express the coalescence of colors and the creation of new colors. I use thin cotton and linen threads to give expression to the minute differences in shades of color.

I do my artworks by myself with my own weaving technique. The technique imitates woven fabric but the elements are, however, made by entwining and sewing together threads of different shades.

While I am making my artworks, I work close up, combining thin threads of different colors. The tiniest changes in the components affect the new shade that is created. When the artwork is viewed from farther away as a whole, the color of each individual thread loses significance and the color effect is created by the mixture.

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